There once was a girl who lived in your TV...

Her name became apparent to you all in 2012 when she lived through one of the most bizarre experiences anyone ever could.
Life set up for 3 months within your TV screen. On Channel 9's Big Brother.
You cried & laughed and questioned her quirky and extrovert kind nature.
For those of you who came along for the full journey - what a ride it was.
It was you who made her the most saved housemate in Big Brother history - Kudos!

Her persona is one that is aligned with wild fun & free ideas, with humanitarian and social issues at her moral core.
This girl has taken on the social world with her strongly moral driven views where she has stood up on a number of ocassions for social justice.
It's any wonder her mind never stops ticking.

On the flip side you have a hip-hop MC and extreme sports Brand Ambassador who just cannot get enough of grimey rap & outdoor adrenaline.

Estelle has worked with some of the best in the business :
The Jackson4, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Nick Cannon, Hopsin, The Game, Chingy, Fabulous, Omarion, Royce the 5’9, Kid Cudi, Justice Crew, The Janoskian’s, Eminem’s Recovery band and many other artists and international DJs.

Professional skateboarders & snowboarders: Shaun White, Brandon Biebel, Ryan Sheckler, Jake Brown, Greg Lutzka, Jerona Wilson (Co-Founder of Diamond Co.), Sean Malto, Mike Mo Capaldi, Steve Caballero and so on. 

                     Follow the journey, see the real and feel the passion xx.