Labels are for clothes not people #illridewithyou

What a powerful hastag #illridewithyou came about late last night in the social media sphere, originating from Twitter to highlight Australians support of Muslim Australian’s who potentially will be vilified or had hatred spread towards them since the incident. The idea was to target public transport travellers – as this is where we see a lot of harassment and interaction taking place.

The last 24 hours has been that of a hazy Hollwood-esk movie plot. Terrorism//fear attacks are not something we have ever experience on our Australian soil. This is completely unprecedented territory for most us in this country.
We’ve been so fortunate to be part of the “lucky country” or the “safest country in the World” both of those statements are based around the guise that we are prosperous, safe and relatively free in most aspects of our lives.
That we can walk about in our lives, going about our business with little to no disturbance..

That was until yesterday, the 15th of December. What unfolded will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons.
With more than 15 people held against their will on what should have been a harmless trip to the Lindt Café’.

For two, they will never get to continue their life activities as they have had their most precious taken away from them, their liberty, their lives.
Katrina Dawson (38) a Mother, distinguished Barrister and daughter of Arnott’s ex CEO Sandy Dawson Snr.
This is the same woman I watched on Youtube late last night. In a plea video to the public.
The video asked with great desperation for the public to respond to the requests of their captor.
Katrina spoke eloquently but you could sense the absolute fear in her voice. She asked:
1. Supply an IS Flag.
2. A media cross or phone call from Tony Abbott.
This message along with two others from other hostages all reigned the same message. That the requests were not “outrageous” and that at least 5 people would be freed once his demands were met. One woman outlined how “The Brother” had been kind and reasonable to them, allowing them food, toilet breaks and time to take any necessary medication.

This was the last we heard from the inside and from Katrina. Within an hour of the YouTube videos being uploaded they were completely removed from the internet.
It was claimed that NSW Police had asked that the videos not be shared and kept from the public.
They still have barely been mentioned – We wonder why?
At this stage they had said that the Police were in negotiations at that moment with the Captor – we have heard nothing of these negotiations?

The next piece of news broke at 2am. When it was caught on camera, the police storming in through the doors of the Lindt café after hearing shots fired. You can see that it was very much a bullet spraying moment, with multiple rounds fired.
Still it has not formally been released how Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson had actually been killed.

Speculation surrounds Tori’s death, saying that the café manager had tried to knock the gun from the hand of the assailant while he was resting. – This is still not yet confirmed.
Either way, Tori will die a hero and never forgotten. Such a tragic end to something that we wonder if we could or could not have prevented?

The Perm himself has been identified as Sheik Man Haron Monis – Anyone remember a year or so ago when a man
was in the media about his appeal to the High Court on “freedom of speech” appeal?
Well I thought I had and I was right the article is here:

In summary Sheik Man Haron Monis had appealed to the High Court after he had criminal charges laid against him for causing nuisance through the Australia Post system.
The Judges ruled stating that the fact the appeal was held to this level shows how flawed the law was.

This is the same man who radically on a number of occasions spoke out in the media supporting extremist behaviour. All while sporting 40 + sexual assault charges which were acted “in holy spirits and education” according to him.
As well AS being on bail as an accessory to the murder of his ex wife, who his current partner was charged with for killing her and then setting her on fire in a stairwell!

WHAT and how did the judicial system fail us SO severely ?

My love and prayers go to all.. x