So you think you can injury?

It's taken me a bit of time and reflection to get this post together.. I never initially bothered talking about all of the injuries I incur as it always thought it was pretty normal & boring to be in the wars as much as I am.

That was until I did start letting my wounds be known to the world, it's then I realised that perhaps I am either super accident prone, or just push myself to the absolute limits.. Probably safe to say it's a combination of both.

This year as been a pretty bad one for me. I tore my rotator cuff clean off my left arm in Japan.
Acting tough really did not do me any favours, after I did it I kept riding the Hano park for at least 3 hours. That was until I couldn't lift my arm anymore. To the point my friends had to help me get my hoodies back on over my head.
It was then I realised that I had really done something wrong.. How niaeve I was! It's been 10 months and I still can't lift my arm properly.
Physico, Chiro, Acupuncture, Remedial massage and hot stoning has not cured this!

Paddling out into the surf is nearly impossible with this stupid arm, I learn that the hard way in Sumbawa - Indo! Getting held under in 12ft waves! But that's a story for another post.

Snow season this year started and of course it went off with an absolute bang... And crash!
Found myself 180ing up a side wall to only catch a super hard edge onto my rib, where it stayed cracked for the next 8 weeks... I proceeded to ride (snowboard) the next day and whole of the season.
Every time I moved it hurt, when I rolled over in bed - for the first 3 weeks I could only sleep on my back, when someone would hug me it hurt! And every time I popped it would pop! Ahh it was good to have that one heal..

But then only weeks before the end of the season, I did a real number on myself.
My right knee... Little did I know what I had really done.

Corri pipes (the lone black ones that makes a cool sound when you grind on them) are actually the funnest but most dangerous thing ever! I came down half witted for a boardslide, which was fine until I started yelling out to a mate, not paying attention. Got hooked up 3/4 the way down and slammed both knees first. Meanwhile I was being laughed at for being smart previous.. Here I was trying not to cry! I had just chipped the bone on my right knee and put a serious dent in my right shin...  I stuck snow on it and kept going..

Two weeks were left in the snow season, which meant I would push through it.. It was fine when I strapped it, only hurting when I went to pop onto a rail. 
The last weekend of the season my PIC (partner in crime) Abby tore some of her shirt off to make a bandage because it was throbbing from all of the impact on landing, shuddering through my leg.
That seemed to hold it down..

Week after the season ended, I got the all clear on the Tuesday afternoon to do non-weight bearing activities. This meant I could ride horses again! Yipee!
SO that I did, rode two and was getting on my third - my instincts told me not too. It was on dusk and windy. But as usual I went against my instincts went to get on when my horse shot off bucking. Only to throw me so far into the air that when I came down on my knee, the pain was so bad I threw up..
Stubborn me, after telling myself I wasn't about to die (was winded too) got up to try and catch the horse so I could put her on a lunge rope (this is how you exercise horses when not riding) for 5 minutes to try and "teach her a lesson" - so stupid!

By the time I got home and into the car, I couldn't bend my knee and was in the most pain I have ever experienced.
I lay on the couch with my leg in the air ( that's where this picture was taken) screaming for Mum to go and buy me a bag of ice to put on this monster of a knee.

I thought there was nothing broken and refused to go the the emergency dept.
It's been 11 weeks, 6 doctors, 3 specialists and MRI x2 , XRay, Ultrasound and a CT. 
To finally say. I have fractured my knee, my kneecap was dislocated and I have one of the biggest haematoma anyone has seen. 
Check out these gruesome photos, I still can't walk properly and have only found any real resolved with ice and this MAGICAL cream Hirudoid.

I was supposed to be going Japan-->Canada-->LAX snowboarding for the next six months, then into the Australian Winter.
Safe to say that dream is gone.. So pitty me dealy (Not, I've found other ways to keep entertained, like this site!)

TO sum it up, in one year I have managed:

Torn off the bone rotator cuff.
2 cracked ribs.
Chipped knee cap//dislocated knee cap.
Same knee - Fracture, compromise my MCL and then haematoma to another land.

I am winning!