Oakley - Future Sports Project

Last minute hectic life meant it was time to book a flight to Sydney and in record time get myself to one of the biggest extreme sports brand launches for the year.

Oakley - The brand we all know and love for so many different disciplines, had a super exciting and lavish party to expose everyone to the new way they will be implementing leading technology into their rad clothing.

They have always set themselves apart from other brands, never skimping on quality, functionality and most of all STEEZE.
No surprises when you walk into this ridiculous Sydney based warehouse boutique party.
The feel is New York warehouse/penthouse. Set on the docks of the expensive Sydney.
The invite list is nothing but the creme' de la creme' of the X sporting industry. A few of my buddies plus new faces flew across the globe for the night.

We had skateboarding and MTV star Ryan Sheckler there to rep for the skaters - Ryan was sporting a broken foot and a few other injuries but still managed to get around the night and have a good time.

We had the older achieve and the younger guns in snowboarding with house hold name Shaun White from the States and our very own young steeze master Scotty James.
Both of these guys are shredding respectively.
Shaun is actually one of the most humble dudes I have come across in the higher end industry.
Open for conversation and super grounded, we talked of the industry but mostly his music pursuits.

For those of you that don't know Shaun has taken a step back from being the face and front line in his band Bad Things.
He outlines how much he loved being on tour and it was so refreshing to meet some real people in the industry who just LOVE what they do. Was a rad chat with him and can't wait to catch up with him in Breck!

Check out Shaun's band here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i4t_qAtR20
Scotty is killing it at the moment and I seem to be seeing him everywhere, caught him in Sydney and then the next day for his going away Halloween party at Eve Nightclub - there's not doubt we have a good time everytime we hang.


Highlight of the evening was having a good chat with the princess of Snowboarding herself, Torah Bright.
What a particular inspiration she is! Funny as the other guys have huge profiles but it was TB I was most excited about meeting. She has been such an inspiration in snowboarding as well as in the media.
Proves that it pays to be lovely and humble, you can make it without being cut throat, you just have to be dedicated and passionate (talent and hard ass work certainly is up there).
Miss T spent the season at Thredbo and will be headed back over to the Northern Hemi to shredd the real powder!

CQ handled the after party and what a great venue. Our hometown favourite and friend of mine Chris Lilley was out and about, always a pleasure to talk creative and analytically with such a genius! Our love for Tahan is quite mutual!

As usual Oakley PUT ON. Thanks to Dilly D the man behind it all and the team.


Can't wait to catch them all again in January for NYE! It's going to be BIGGGGGG!

Enjoy some photos of the babes and the crazed!

Thanks to SONY // LUSTY INDUSTRIES for letting me capture some rad photos and footage.
And Little Red Jet for the photo ops!

Snowboarding helmets : Steeze Vs Safety - The debate!

It's an age old argument that perhaps should not even exist in a lot of peoples minds. For those who are in the know they are likely to agree that too often style gets in the way of practicality. This goes for most things in life, not just sport and snow.

Take something generic like wearing high heels for example; perhaps one of the most absurd things. They cause pain, exhaustion are highly impractical and long term health effects are proving detrimental. Yet we still wear them, day in and day out, we live by the saying "slave for fashion" - and they are not wrong in saying that we are , cause we are. There's no benefit in wearing heels other than aesthetically and perhaps a little ego boost...

Then there are the more serious scenarios, relating to sports ; skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX.
Too many times we see people choosing the way they look, rather than the practical and safe way of undertaking the sport.

Vert skating is about the only exception where you really see riders adhering to safety first. But personally I think you would be mad to shredd a serious bowl without some precious head gear...

Who here has seen the movie The Crash Reel? Well it stars a snowboarder Kevin Pearce ("KP") who was on the way to being a more humble and talented version of Shaun White.

That was until he was only days out from his Winter Olympic debut, training in the Super Pipe when his tricks he had on lock went horribly wrong. The movie goes on to tell the story of how KP nearly died and his family rallied to just have him back to some kind of "normal". anyway he WAS wearing a helmet and just survived, had he not he would have been killed on impact.

Yeah we aren't all riding super pipe but you don't have to be. Take Michael  Schumacher, who was just out casually skiing with his son. It's been reported now that he will remain an invalid for the rest of his life. All from one blow causing a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

All this happens out in the great wide mountains, this is why I can't understand why anyone  who is either a beginner or park rider isn't seen wearing a helmet? Back some time ago, helmets were bulky and ugly but with today's technology there are some super steezey lids out there.

My personal fav is the low rider from SandBox - www.sandboxland.com The helmet is light weight, rad looking and super comfortable. You get to pick from a million colours and it comes with all the options. I still think the helmet is the most forgotten thing in snowboarding today.

The first thing anyone should be thinking about is their brain, as KP says "Love your brain".
As once you damage this, you're done... Anyway I'd like to give a big shout out to SandBox for supplying me with the perfect balance of steeze and practicality. BE SEEN WEARING A HELMET.