Consuming World - ONLINE

Social networking really is the current way of communication.
It’s the “way of the future” amongst other things.
You pick up your technology, it might be an iphone, a samsung or perhaps you are on your ipad. Your finger hovers you tap away and presto!
You have opened up a whole new world all within a few seconds.

Within this world you have millions of others all embarking on the same journey as you. That is one of globalisation, one of freedom of information and one of interaction. You might be seeking to follow your favourite celeb, a sports star you have marveled over for some time or perhaps it’s a more personal endeavor and you have found yourself looking through a close friends or a long distant lost friends details.
Regardless of the reasoning behind why you are on this social network/forum. We have the common ground that we are all searching for some form of interaction.
You see fans of people like The #Janoskians turning themselves inside out, awake all hours, fingers gaining RSI, doing absolutely ANYTHING to be just as much as acknowledged by their beloveds.
All for that Retweet/Follow/Favourite or friendship request.

To then be able to what? Claim bragging rights, or personally so you feel closer to that individual.
We are a human beast that our ego craves attention. We might not care to admit it but we all want to be noticed in one way or another.
These days it’s just taken flight in the form of the internet… And with this there can be dangers as our entire entitiy is out there for the world to see.

But look at this positively, look at the amazing friendships and connections we have been able to keep, or start and continue.
We are no longer a World separated by such hard boarders making us individual countries. We ONE BIG SOCIAL ONLINE NATION.

Love the freedom and appreciate the glory that comes with being human and able to communicate with what is such a beautiful tool, COMMUNICATION.