Don't skip meals, just skip!

On the daily I get people asking about cardio Vs strength, what foods to eat and how to smash those workouts!
There’s a simple and easy way to shred the kilos and not have to take hours out of your busy week.
Everyone is looking for the quick fix or researching the new fad diet to help in the desperate battle to look thinner or fitter!
Today’s environment with work, study and life in general is just hectic and it is easy to see how obesity is so high.

Here’s a few easy tips to help you along the way:

  1. Eat MORE – Yes I said it, this doesn’t mean extra calories that are empty!
    Get yourself some good quality nutrient dense foods. With your main focus being on high protein.
    And eat every hour or so with the aim of 65% diet being protein based.
    - It’s proven and by my own experience that the more you eat, the more you burn, the more you lose!
  2. Track your calories – I am not saying get out a calc and study every single morsel you stick in your face.
    It’s so easy with MY FITNESS PAL – set your weight, desired weight and nutritional needs.
    You can scan in your foods which is cool and keep an eye on what you are munching on..
  3. Just skip- The biggest and probably forgotten high intensity workout is one of my favourite of all.
    Pretend you are 7 again and start jumping rope! At first you might be terrible but with practise it gets REALLY fun.
    10 minutes of skipping burns more calories than running etc.
    If you are starting out it’s great to skip, have a rest bring your heart rate down and then smash it again to drop
    the fat with interval training.
  4. Ditch the scales- At least for the beginning, I find everytime I weigh myself and find I have put on weight I then feel depressed and binge!
    The truth is scales lie and you will be losing inches while putting on muscle weight… Stay away for the first month at least.. Your body will change & the figures are not a reflection of your hard work….Use a pair of jeans that you know the fit of to measure your progress.

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