Heavy eyes, weary head.

It’s difficult when your body is tired, limp and lifeless from a days journey. Yet your head, which is the driving point of your whole existance is in a different place to your body.

It’s one of those moments when you are at serious conflict with yourself. You’re mind is still active.. Over analyzing or anticipating days ahead or perhaps events or people to come. Whilst your body ages faster… Only knowing what has taken place in the hours prior, to influence how it is now feeling.
You won’t know if your body is going to be tired tomorrow or if it’s going to be ready to burn more calories walking the pavement. You can only assume how you will feel based on habits.. On previous experiences and using the knowledge you have gathered to form some “wisdom” of how you as a person function. You can train your body to cope with exersion.. Preparing it by training for hours, minutes at a time.. As we like most Mammals respond to habits and routine.

However the mind is something far different and perhaps superior to it’s physical counterpart.. Yes it can be trained, taught expanded and grow. Conditioned to handleparticular sorts of instances. But never can it necessarily be completely prepared like the body can. 

So we continue to exist with no idea of what truly does prevail ahead. We can only guess and hope of what might be to come in the hours of the future.