I’ve picked up my rather not-so-shiny Macbook after I’d been sitting writing within my paper covered note book. When I realised my hands could not do the justice that my fingers can do with a keyboard. As much as I wish I were able to be “old school” and write my every whim. It’s only when I force myself to do it that I am can..

Shifting through songs, I’ve just looked back on 5 different years of my life and 3 different phases within say 10 minutes or so. No wait 4 different phases.

Trapt - Brought back slight memories of Nathaneal - Which I quickly changed, not because it hurts, simply because I don’t have the time to allow bullshit into my auroa of thoughts.

In Between Us - Nas : Brings me back to the days and my first love in Tyler Hendley. The first one I slept with and my Californian dream boy. Looks, charisma and an amazing life story by the age of 20. Living on the road, across the Globe as a Professional Skater.

Then we have Sebastien Leger - Air Conditionne : A time of last year pre and post Europe. Days, nights and even weeks without sleep with James Mac and the likes of.
Then I have myself just in the past by a few months with

Kid Cudi - Rollin’
For some reason resembles moment of my relationship with K-ev the cousino and Melissa.. The love of my life… Which represents the no bullshit of our friendship - friends for the right reasons, because we care and give a fuck.

Shows how much music influences the mind. I feel like I am a broken record on repeat. But the truth is I can type this sort of thing without even thinking. Right now I have my mind half in the lyrics that are spitting from Eminem’s mouth.. But that’s the beauty of being a woman and able to multitask.