One Month

Today marks the day of the four week mark in the Nederlands.
How it has gone oh so fast and also, so slow.
This is for a number of reasons. Today I have spent the day doing a great deal of nothing. Which is allowing for ample amounts of self reflection. This is becoming a regular thing. To sit and run thoughts of my l life over and over on repeat through my mind.

The major difference being that when I do such things here, in Holland. They seem to be somewhat productive as I don’t have the “normal” stresses of everyday life to contend with.
It does infact make everything seem so much less important. In that I can just live my horsey life on a daily basis here.. Rather than having petty and unrealistic misgivings swirling around in my mind of madness.

I think mostly it is that I am able to distance myself from the evils of normality. Other peoples insecurities projected onto me. And me being the sensitive that I am. Allowing them to penetrate and in turn cause grievance. But no more! I am Worlds away.