Hey there Tumblr’s.. (I don’t actually know what to call you all? - What is the “cool/hip” term for one who uses tumblr?).
Realisation has hit me that I have not written anything in fo evaaaaaaaaaa.
If I knew how to seperate my blogs from one another so I could write about different topics that would be fab - But like my quirky mix of contradictory personality traits, you will have to syphon through my gabble to get some sort of sense (or dollars! HAHAHAH,… uhh).

I’ve been sitting at this MacBook on and off for collectively what could be half a day or so today.. All in the hope I would study. Instead I have found myself on Facebook, trimming up and deleting albums that had nothing in them (Who even checks that?). Twitter has copped a few replies and now I find myself on Ebay looking at #Snowboarding gear… All when I should have been listening to my lectures (Oh but I can’t get my podcats to work so there is a plausible excuse right?).

And then I saw the new #BigBrother is starting soon - I’ll be checking peopels tweets next to see what the deal is there?

All in all I have been overly productive when it comes to NOTHING NILL.. PROCRASTINATION!? Why do I complete more when I have deadlines and simply can NOT time manage otherwise? BAH now it’s bed time and i’ve achieved nothing. Oh no wait I found some snowboarding goggles for 70% off - saving riiiiiiiiiiight?

HAhahahaha night x