Day 2 after a very slow seedy start Adrian and I made way on the Tube into Picadilly Circus to get ourselves two fat Medium Salads and a fruit salad to share. We plonked ourselves down on the grass in the park at Lester Square .

FIlm crews happened to be there for some sort of entertainment apart from the Pigions who chose to surround us. The sun was out and the day was beautiful. Soon after lunch we started to walk the streets and take a few snaps here and there.

Found a rather interesting advertisement in the first phone booth we crossed. Was a number for a $70 pound “anything” transexual prostitute. Wow did we have a good laugh. Perhaps I will attach a photo later.

Proceeded to do the walk through China Town and the streets that lead near the skate store. Which I found weird to find a Chima Ferguson board - as A: had no idea he had gone pro. B: Not in my wildest did I think I would be seeing this in London. Was pretty rad to say the least. Checked out some rad nikes which I was sure to buy and never went back.

Midway through the day my mobile phone FINALLY started to give me some signal and I was BACK ON THE AIR! Felt so lost, not that anyone would really be contacting me over here but was driving me wild.

Stopped in for a Mojito in the local bar near China town. Where the rather lovely waitress gave me a step by step how to make a Mojito. So looks as though I will be making then left right and centre upon my return. PARTY!