The Horses day five : Clients come to play

Productive day - The Owner and the riders of the two big Dressuur horses came today. Gert rode the chestnut first and then the client jumped on for a spin. All went super that horse has some serious WOW factor like no other… He is truly a super sexy beast. Seems he is going so well that he will be heading home next week. Which is sad but it means one new stable space for more potential horses.      Rode the bay mare for the owner who seemed very happy with her progress. She was sent here to learn changes. Well those she has improved upon everyday. But more so her trot and ability to engage is out of sight. Although her movement was far better from behind today, I felt she was somewhat locked on the left side which could be resolved with some long and low and flexing exercises. Guess we will wait and see how she goes tomorrow. Plan on getting her super loose through the body and active behind. Which can be hard on something of 18+ hands to keep together when you weigh 55kgs. But the muscles are forming and the horse is lightening with every step. Hopefully she will be here for a few more weeks as she is a gem and I really enjoy how much she tries. She is teaching me so many things. How to correct the simplest of things in my riding aswell as making me more effective on the smaller horses. 

Prior to her I rode the “bruin dressuur” gelding who is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He came  here as he was “dead to the leg”. Sarah has spent a week prior to me riding him and it really shows. There is no real problem with the GO button now. His coming together so nicely. With passage steps really becoming strong. His Canter is absolute bliss and I would love to see if he could jump well. But he’s not here for that!

Had the second ride on the Empire gelding. The first ride he was somewhat fresh and it took him a good 10 minutes to settle in and allow me to put my legs on truly and use his back. But today I felt like already we have started to build a relationship. Within in only a few minutes he settled in the contact and began to give his back. As far as noticeable progression goes. This horse is truly a wonder to ride. So difficult yet to simple. His trot is coming along so well and is proving to be true to his Father in that he is an excellent allround package at the ripe age of 5. 

Jumping: Empire was jumped for the first time with me today. Once i sorted his canter out and sat my busy self still. He really proved his athleticism and classic loose technique. His front end feels like it is a metre of the ground in the canter. Kinda reminds me as a not-so-dramatic Oki Doki. But he is a legend all the same and I feel we will continue to form a solid partnership. I wold give anything to bring this horse home with me. As he is green but has super solid talent.

Sarah and Gert have been my saving grace through the teething periods of my riding. Pushing me when I am physically exhausted and feeling inept. But I am feeling better for it each day.

Tomorrow will be good!