The power of CHOICE

The power of CHOICE

Something that is ever so simple (wow that opening sounded pretentious) yet neglected so quickly. Is our absolute #FirstWorld freedom of  CHOICE. Our ability to wake up each day (as a blessing) and open our eyes to instantly make decisions in our life. Even the most basic, being what we are about to consume for breakfast, that is if we WANT to eat breakfast even. We will choose which side of the bed we are about to get out of, I mean this in a literal and metaphorical sense. 

If we are single, we have the beauty of picking if it’s the left or right wing/side of the bed and then if it’s our right foot first to hit the ground or left. OK now I am getting philosophical.

Perhaps you are in a relationship and have designated sides of the bed, so one decision you made earlier ( and that was picking sides) you won’t have to make this morning because you man/or woman is lying beside you and unless you are going to crawl over them in an odd fashion, you will get out of the bed on your “regular side”.

Then we have made a decision at once stage, if we have a covering of our floor and what fibre it is our feet ( or maybe you are in socks?) is about to come into contact with.

Are you a minimalist? With gorgeous polished practical floors, where you tread carefully as your feet stick slightly to the wooden pine. Or do you have a soft cushy matter beneath you that you can barely make a sound on if you thump heavily?

As you rub your eyes, yawn and drag yourself across that flooring you start to think of of many things, studying previous decisions made.. “Gee I wish I went to bed earlier last night, I’m so tired”, or “God I feel good this morning, that early night served me well”.

Or for the odd few “What the heck did I get up to last night? I feel like I’ve been partying for 3 days straight? And whose pants are those on the floor?”.

Continuing to blink you wander over your OCD clean floor/room or your “I’m too busy living” type of #Floordrope arrangement you’ve left because you “Just don’t have the time to clean- I’ll get to it on the weekend, or somethin’ “.

As you wake more you start to figure out how it is you are going to play the day out. Will it be one of conquest? Or one of misery?

This is the most important question you have evaluate and asked yourself ALL DAY.

Because really, one thing you can be sure of is - YOU how the power to choose! YOU have the ability to perceive anything you like however you like.

One may say your messy looking #Floordrope for a room is untidy, irresponsible and you are a cluttered human. Others may view the identical scenario as you are carefree, fun, interesting and too busy living.

Remember you may have identical sets of circumstances but completely different ways you can respond to those.

Make YOUR perception today/tonight  one you CONTROL.

Because that is all that matters and that is the god honest truth. 

If there’s one thing I am certain of, it is that YOU hold the power to control your happiness. 


To be continued…..