This moment.

Suddenly it has hit me that I only have 2 and a half weeks left here in Holland. With 5-7 of those days being found with myself and Claire Jones fossicing the Islands of Spain. Finidng joy and hopefully a tan under the Suns rays in Ibiza. Very excited to say the least.

But at the same time starting to freak out that I have no gotten enough out of this trip. The horses are going oh-so fab at the moment, it almost feels a shame to leave them for a week of party. BUT! I need it I NEED to do this and it’s my inner party animal that I have not brought out in what now is MONTHS. 

Other than some of the time I spent on the weekend with Kimmy. Bless her sole she is just gorgeous and is able to motivate me to enjoy anything. Even if it be Hockey in the boiling sun ( no shorts) for five hours. But I burried my nose in a Cosmo and enjoyed the English reading!

Next week after Spain Kat is coming to spend 9 or so days. This will be good, yes less horses to ride. But it also means I have somsone to share and document my experience with. And flat wise I’ve got what I needed to feel out of these horses and have proved to gert how well I can ride yet again. Just best get some jumping done between now and then.

Kat mentioned she has been running alot. This is fab, might help me fight my craving to eat constantly.. Even right at this moment all I can think is about is my need for CALORIES! SWEET SWEET CALORIES.. But my weight is so heavy at the moment. Began rtealising it’s all muscles once I measure myself and realised there is no part of my body that has “Pinchable fat”.

"Guess if I was simple in the mind, Then I’d be fine".

Either way I am looking forward to what the next few weeks bring.
Tomorrow, fitting for a pair of Italian taylored top boots. Fingers crossed I can fit into a custom size of 37 - So I can have some instant gratification and take them home with me…. Hmmmmm