Your inherently extending yourself out, to individuals who you think need help. Because they don’t know how to get out, from being stuck down in the south. And by south I don’t mean the part, it’s more that they need a new start. To detach themselves from the place that has cause them so much pain. Not just in vain. But their human brain. That keeps taking the lane of routine and destruction.

Well it’s time for an induction. Or to create an influxion Allowing the face. That once showed pain. To think superior again. With purpose and courage to see in a new mind frame. Sober it reclaims Proving you can remain the person you gained in this split up world of reality and shame. What time you may have “wasted” but wisdom you have gained. Realizing there’s more to you than this mundane game. Perceptions altered and new precedents spoken. Your world has been opened to things that usually are unspoken.